Alana, circa 1986

Alana, circa 1986

In elementary school, a writing prompt asked,

"How will you make the world a better place?"

Emphatically, in large, bold letters, Alana wrote:


After selling her first paintings in 2008, Alana balanced a day job with time in her art studio until 2011, when she embarked on a life-long dream-adventure to Italy and, unexpectedly, France. After being captivated by history-rich landscapes and seascapes, painting murals and canvases, reuniting with friends and Italian relatives, meeting people from all walks of life, and volunteering for different organizations—from organic farms (WWOOF), international outreach nonprofits (YWAM, Bridges of Life), homeless shelters, after-school programs, etc., she returned home to the San Francisco Bay Area.

From 2013-2016, Alana created a series of paintings focused on observing, appreciating, and blessing the land, influenced by pilgrimages throughout Italy, France, Ireland, and the States, as well as to a lesser extent, England, Spain, and Mexico.

Her latest work springs from her "artist residency in motherhood," from nap-time/evening sketches to reconnecting intimately with the land at home by experimenting and learning in the garden, also inspired by new adventures as an herbalist-in-training.