Mama Alana & Baby. Credit: Roslyn Coal Photos


Alana has been painting ever since she could hold a brush. An elementary school writing prompt asked, "How will you make the world a better place?" Emphatically, in large, bold letters, she wrote: "I WILL MAKE ART!"

After years of meeting people from all walks of life, discovering new landscapes, and volunteering for different organizations—from international outreach nonprofits, organic farms, homeless shelters, after-school programs, etc., she returned to the San Francisco Bay Area.

From 2012-2016, Alana created a series of paintings focused on observing, blessing, and appreciating the land, influenced by pilgrimages throughout Italy, France, Ireland, the States, and to a lesser degree England, Spain, and Mexico.

After an unplanned hiatus year from paint, a new series is in the works. More details to come.