Photo Credit:  Roslyn Coal Photos

Photo Credit: Roslyn Coal Photos

Artist Statement

I love mysteries and delightful surprises! There is romance in mystery and adventure in discovering—give me one or give me the other, and you’ll still find me smiling.

From 2011 to 2012, I embarked on a dream adventure in Italy (and unexpectedly France), captivated by the old country’s history-rich landscapes and seascapes. It was the fruition of a lifelong goal—I painted, I worked on organic farms, I rekindled my hunger to grow spiritually. I also reunited with dear friends and awesome Italian relatives throughout Italy.

After a few very big life events and an unexpected hiatus year from painting, I'm looking forward to share my latest work.

I seek, I find, and I share. Thank you for the honor of being able to share with you!