Photo Credit:  Roslyn Coal Photos

Photo Credit: Roslyn Coal Photos

Artist Statement

I love mysteries and delightful surprises! There is romance in mystery and adventure in discovering—give me one or give me the other, and you’ll still find me smiling.


Even back then I saw art as a vehicle to share faith, hope, and love. While I now work mostly with a brush and paint, at its foundation, singing can release love outside of using any creative tool other than the voice I've been given. It unlocks a different vulnerability and rawness than with my paints; and my hope is that you are blessed and encouraged as you hear. Thanks for listening.

It was the journey of pursuing my passions with intention and depth: I hungered to grow spiritually. This hunger to connect with my Creator brought me to art, painting, writing, cooking, wanting to live/work on a farm, every small little passion is driven by this love to know my Creator, who I was taught and believe is Love.

I am most passionate about living in a daily relationship and conversation with my Creator. I seek meaning, purpose, and freedom. Nature is a constant inspiration, but working on organic farms, besides living a healthy and simple lifestyle, offered her the hands-on experience that made the many metaphors in the Bible come alive with meaning.

I seek, I find, and I share. Thank you for the honor of being able to share with you!