Photo Credit:  Roslyn Coal Photos

Photo Credit: Roslyn Coal Photos

Artist Statement

I love mysteries and delightful surprises! There is romance in mystery and adventure in discovering—give me one or give me the other, and you’ll still find me smiling.

It was the journey of pursuing my passions with intention and depth: I hungered to grow spiritually, I always wanted to work on a farm, and I wanted to paint.

I am most passionate about living in a daily relationship and conversation with her Creator where she finds meaning, purpose, and freedom. After visiting a friend at a YWAM base in France, she had to return for one of their schools. The following year she served on staff, thanks to another dream coming true--obtaining her Italian Citizenship! Nature is a constant inspiration, but working on organic farms, besides living a healthy and simple lifestyle, offered her the hands-on experience that made the many metaphors in the Bible come alive with meaning.


I seek, I find, and I share. Thank you for the honor of being able to share with you!